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Possible Risk and Exposure

I had unprotected sex with a partner in March 1st of 2019. After we had sex her told me that he used to be an IV drug user.  I have also heard from friends that he may be bisexual.

I had a 4th generation duo test done April 7 2019 and it came back negative. My doctor said it was conclusive and that no further testing was needed.

Since then I have had a really bad herpes outbreak (never had one before, but was HSV 1 positive for years) Doctors have asked me if I am immunocompromised- and I am concerned that perhaps I am HIV positive.... As I know that can cause herpes outbreaks. I have ordered another test but am wondering how conclusive a test is at 38 days.  

Thanks for your help.
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Your IV generation HIV test result at 38 days is not going to change ahead.

IV generation HIV tests are highly sensitive and would have picked up slightest of antibody or p24 ag, if you were positive from your exposure.

Your herpes outbreak has nothing to do with HIV.

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