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Possible exposure tested 6 week negative 4th generation all of syptoms

hi doctor I had sex with sex worker unprotected oral protected vaginal I was already having rash at my back and developed on shoulder after week, I contacted her and she tested for hiv 4th gen combo and vdrl syphilis she was negative. but with rash I had flu and after sex week of encounter started to have pins and needles and burning plus numbness in both hands and feets. I tested after 9,13,17,20(both 4th gen combo and pcr qualitative),28, 35 and 40th all on cmia combo 4thgen negative. I also have pain in right tescticle and feverish feeling plus headache. what is going on can you please elaborate.I have talked to infectious disease doc he said rash does not look like of hiv, same said by dermatologist, and for burning i went general physician he said do not worry just reduce your weight. I have stiff neck please help I have beign in hell from last 40 days.
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You had no Risk from this encounter.
Perhaps stress and anxiety is your issue here but for sure its not HIV
move on and take care
but till from second week of exposure to today i am having tingling and burning in feet and flu  almost month.
is my 6 week test conclusive or i need further test?
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if your feeling unwell go see a doctor but Forget about HIV
Anxiety plays havoc with the immune system. try to stop stressing and don't search symptoms - again if your unwell see a doctor.
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