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Possible hiv symtoms 2

2 weeks ago today i had a possible exposure to hiv , im so scared and the anxiety is becomong unbearable,waiting for my window for testing is becoming harder each day,

My qustion is i have been having a very sore neck and muscles in shoulders are sore since the last few days , and minor headacres , are these possibke symptoms of hiv ?
Or due to my extreme anixety?
Please help
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Symptoms do not mean much and the infection is never diagnosed from the symptoms. What was your "possible exposure"?
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Deep kissing , oral on each other man to man ,
Thavk you for reply ,  are these symtoms commmon , sore mucsles, tingling feeling and   slight headacres ? No rash , no sire throat,  no sickness or fever ?
Possible open sores in my mouth at the time of exposure are my worry.
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Your risk never existed. You are fine. Just ignore your symptoms because symptoms are confusing and misleading... more you think about, more you feel em.
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Sorry, that's your opinion from experience? because im interested to know about the risk in this activity.  i've been reading a lot about it, and most of what i've found says that's there's little to no risk in oral sex UNLESS there's ejaculation AND open sores.  So, if in your experience, you haven't seen anyone in the forum infected this way i woud be relief. thank you. and sorry to hijack a bit the post.
It is not a risk and HIV obsession leads to over worry which you sound to have benec.  There are no documented cases of HIV proven to have happened from kissing or oral sex. Not a single one. Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  Even with open sores, they have to be GAPING as in you'd be in the emergency room and not having sex for it to be a route of transmission.   HIV obsession is not healthy for you.
Indeed, i think im overreacting over nothing, because i even used a condom, so there was definitely no risk. i thank you for clarifying this topic.
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no risk at all. saliva don't transmit the virus it actually kills it. every fear you have right now is all in your head. please stop researching on google it will amplify your fears and worry.  
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