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Post 6 weeks test.. Are these conclusive?

I had a exposure at a body rub massage with no intercourse but there was contact with vaginal fluid. I had many symptoms after the exposure. I did a test 1.5 weeks after exposure and came back negative then I underwent the following tests after 6 weeks post exposure and came back negative can I take this as a conclusive result or do I need another test in 3 month?

I actually Asked the doctor for westernblot but these are the tests doctor wants me to do. Can someone please tell me what these are.

Hiv1 quantitative, real time PCR
Hiv2 DNA/RNA qualitative real time PCR

Thanks in advance
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You were never at risk of transmission. Below enlisted are the only HIV risks in adults:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse

2. Sharing IV needles with people who inject drugs.

Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Please consider seeing another doctor to find out the cause of your ailments and see a therapist to seek help in context to your anxiety.

You have no need whatsoever to get even an antibody test, forget about the PCRs - DNA / RNA, you don't need any of it.

Please move on.
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Hiv 1 quantitative pcr - looks for the virus and measures the quantity of virus in the blood.
The result of this test would be in copies/ml . if the person is hiv negative, the result would be 'not detected or undetectable'. This is generally done to monitor hiv patients but is also done for diagnosis

Hiv2 qualitative - it is similar to the above test. But it doesnt measure the amount of the virus. It just says if the virus is present or not.
The result would be DETECTED in case of positive for hiv2
Not detected in case of negative.

These tests are done for early detection of hiv generally.

You said you tested at 6 weeks? What were those tests?

I forgot to mention the risk part .
Mere Contact with vaginal fluids doesnt possess any risk.
Thanks for the reply.. These are the tests done at 6 weeks. I just wanted to know if these are appropriate to be taken in 6 weeks...
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You had no risk. This whole discussion about testing at 6 weeks and testing on a NAT is redundant as this is leading you nowhere.

See a therapist for your anxiety, this is what you are required to do from here.
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