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Post receptive anal: Condom looked intact?

Hello. 35 year old bisexual Asian man here. I had my first gay receptive anal sex encounter 14 days ago. The sex was with condom and it was with a European male escort. His website also stated that he does NOT engage in bareback/condomless sex.

The condom was supplied by the escort himself, but I managed to check the expiry date of the condom. I do not know the brand of the condom though (does this matter?) I am not sure if he ejaculated while he was penetrating me, but I could  see that the condom was still on his penis when he withdrew. Visually, the condom looked like it was in one complete piece when the guy removed it from his penis. However, I personally did not take the used condom from him to inspect for any leakage/breakage. My questions are:

1. Is condom breakage/failure something noticeable to the receptive partner?
2. What is my HIV risk from this event?
3. Do you recommend me to do an HIV PCR-RNA test immediately? Or just a duo test after 28 days?

I am just mildly worried since I didn't actually take the used condom and do further inspection. Or perhaps I'm being a little OCD?

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Condom breakages are evident. You are definitely being paranoid. From what you have described, it is seen that your condom didn't fail.Testing is not recommended.
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Thank you so much for the reply. I am more at ease now.
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