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Potential risk of needle or syringe reuse

I've never had sex, and I've never shared a syringe for drug use, but I'm terrified of getting an infection from a reused needle or syringe. When I used to see a doctor in a Chinese hospital, the doctor would ask me to take a blood test, including a booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine, which I got in the US this year. These seem to be some routine and common steps. I ignored whether the medical staff switched to new syringes and needles during these procedures. Although I know it is ridiculous and disrespectful to doubt the professionalism of medical staff in today's medical conditions. But I fear the potential risk, even if it's infinitely close to zero. So I would like to ask if that person is HIV-positive before I draw blood or get the vaccine, will I have a high chance of being infected?
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Also tell the med staff upfront each time about your fears and they can show you their procedure so you won't have to worry afterwards that they forgot to do something.
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Do you mean I don't need to worry and test at all?
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Anxiety is a beast. It doesn't make sense and lies to us. Treat your anxiety. Does China offer much in the way of mental health? If not, see what resources you can find on line. Look up anxiety, intrusive thoughts, ocd with intrusive thoughts and ERP therapy. You can learn the strategies on your own to use if you can't work with a professional Basically, you have random thoughts all day long and this is another one of them. It will stick because you are afraid of it if you continue to research, question or engage with the thought. so, the goal is to just have the thought but do nothing with it. I will go ahead and give you the reassurance you are seeking here but do so regretfully as it just feeds your anxiety. the fear of reused needle is just an anxious thought, not reality and would not worry about that. Get help for your anxiety
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Do you mean I don't need to worry and test at all?
Clinics don't employ people that are dumb enough to give people hiv or they would be sued out of existence. You don't have any medical training so shouldn't be worrying that you know how to do the staff's jobs better than they do. It is time to move on.
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