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Precum and bleeding internal hemorrhoids

This is a question for the MDs. I had sex with a man whose HIV status I don’ t know. He touched his precum and fingered me into the anus with his fingers a few times, so his precum came inside. Then we had anal sex (he used a condom) and when he took out his penis there was some blood on the condom. I have internal hemorrhoids that usually bleed when I go to the toilet, and so they also bled during the anal sex.

The risk of HIV transmission has been adressed on this forum a few times, and I understand that the risk is negligible, but I haven’t found a post where there was the “bleeding internal hemorrhoids” factor. Does this change the risk asessment? Did the described situation put me on HIV transmission risk? Thank you.
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What you've read on this forum is accurate and that is the way in which people get HIV.  UNprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  An internal bleeding situation of hemorrhoid does not transmit the virus when someone wears a condom.  Or when someone fingers in the anus.  This is not a risk in any way.  
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Even if his precum got into my hemorroid? Thanks
Yes, even if precum got into your roid.  It's not a risk for HIV.  Only if the head of your penis is exposed is there an issue and with a condom it isn't going to happen.  Fingers also can not spread hiv.
Now that you mention the head of the penis: I remember that some of my partner’s semen got in touch with the opening of my urethra. Would that be a risk?
You sound very anxious and like you are just pulling things from the air if I may be so blunt.  Air inactivates the virus. When I say the head of your penis needs to be covered, that is DURING intercourse.  Not otherwise.  If you are suffering from anxiety, I'd consider talking to your doctor about it.  
Thanks for the clarification. I now understand that there’s risk only if the head of my penis comes in direct contact with the interior of my partner’s body (i.e. during intercourse) but not with fluids outside the body.
hiv is instantly dead in air or saliva so that is why only unprotected anal or vaginal is a sex risk.
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