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Prep vs pep

I am hiv + since 2019 june, my wife hiv -. I have undetectable viral load (one in 2019 december and one in 2020 june). We wanna have a baby soon. Should my wife take prep or pep? What should we do to keep my wife safe and increase the chance of having a baby? Please help.
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You should be talking to your doctor about your wife taking medications while pregnant.
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I agree with AnxiousNoMore.  You need to seek advice from your doctors.  No one in this, or any online forum, can tell you what medications your wife should or should not take.  
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In an HIV sero-discordent relationship, one partner might be continuously at risk of transmission through unprotected acts of vaginal or anal intercourse. Most experts believe that an individual with undetectable viral load might not be able to transmit the virus although PrEP for your spouse might be a great option  if you engage in unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.

For safe reproduction please speak to your doctor to understand the best viable option for you. Assisted reproduction by sperm washing can be a top choice.

We wish you the best.
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Thank you very much
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