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Protected vaginal but condom may slipped

I was on drugs,we had unprotected oral and then she put a condom on me we had vaginal sex,she then changed the condom gave me a blowjob and then I put my penis inside again. Condom head was intact but the end may slipped.Do you think I should start PEP?
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You already got an answer to this question.  Remember?  We clearly told you that this was not a risk for HIV.   As a reminder, unless you have unprotected VAGINAL OR ANAL INTERCOURSE with penetration or share IV DRUG NEEDLES, you had zero risk and should not be asking about HIV.  Of course you don't need PEP with zero risk (as you've already been told).  And if this is the same exposure (as it is the exact same post you had last time), pep only works in 72 hours after a REAL exposure.  You need to stop worrying about HIV and if you can't, then it's time to address your anxiety.  
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My last question was about oral,first time I'm asking this. What if condom slipped,then what's my risk? Is vaginal sex a high risk activity?
Was it unprotected sex?  No.  So you are reasking about a non risk.  This is actually a repost of your exact same question before.  If the head of your penis was covered, no risk.  Please do not ask again.  
I don't think this thread is a repeat because he is not understanding the physics of a condom. This is his new question "Condom head was intact but the end may slipped." So before I answer "PleaseAnswerMe", I want PAM to advise where you think the end slipped to since there is a ring that holds it tight to the penis and the condom was on you after you finished. Fluids can't crawl under the ring, because if it was that loose the condom would have fallen off while you were penetrating.
It's answered, anxiousnomore.  He had protected sex which is not a risk.  Only the head of his penis needs to be covered and it was.  NO RISK.
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