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Question Regarding Black Seed And HIV Window Period

I have a question regarding HIV test window period. I dont want to discuss the exposure but I just wanted to tell that I have been consuming black cumin seed from past 1.5 years daily in the morning. Heard it has curing properties, does it in a way affect my 4th gen hiv test result done at 12 weeks. I mean does it delay the seroconversion ? I stopped consuming black cumin seed at 10 week post exposure but now I am really confused what is to be done ? Shall I  test again in 2-3 months or shall I just let it go. Please give your sincere advise.
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"I dont want to discuss the exposure..." is generally code for, "I know I didn't have a risk but I'm asking you to pretend like I did."

Nothing apart from heavy-duty chemotherapy class drugs have an affect on the test.
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Sorry to bother again but i saw a research on NATIONAL CENTER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY INFORMATION website which was done by Dr. A. A. Onifade in which they were able to cure a person hiv from positive to negative. Its a single research so I wont be bothered about it but randomely i see on different forums that people who are HIV positive are using BLACK SEED in which they see their viral loads going down to undetectable levels.

I did another 4th gen test at 14 weeks which was negative, still cant get hold of my anxiety. I apologize for being abit annoying but this random information makes me beleive that BLACK SEED does help HIV Positive people with their viral load and CD4 count. If thats the case i am scared that in a way it can affect the HIV window period of 3 months as it would suppress the virus directly causing antibodies or antigens not to be produced. Please share your thoughts.
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You didn't even have a risk, so it's pointless to worry about what may or may not affect the test for a disease that you were never exposed to in the first place.
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