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Question about past exposure and testing reliability

So to make a long story short, I had a sexual encounter a little over 1 year ago with a CSW at a massage parlor in Las Vegas. It was condom protected oral and vaginal. It freaked me out when the act had ended because I came back to my senses and realized the severity of my mistake. Since then I have had the below tests done.

3 Weeks - All STD tests - Negative
3 weeks - DNA by PCR/Antibody blood test - Negative
6 weeks - Antibody blood test - Negative
10 weeks - Antibody blood test - Negative
18 weeks - Antibody blood test - Negative

I have had all kinds of crazy symptoms since but the few that have me troubled and I am still experiencing are; post nasal drip ( i feel like something is stuck in my throat and I am constantly hacking up clear phlegm), lower back pain and joint pain (in wrists, legs, hands, etc..),. The thing that bothers me the most is the post nasal drip. My doctor thinks it may be my acid reflux but I have been taking meds and it doesnt seem to help. Its worse in the morning at times. My wife took all STD tests because were thinking of having a baby and all her tests were negative as well. Anyway, below are my questions about my testing.

1) is post nasal drip or feeling as though phlegm is stuck in throat and constant throat clearing be a sign of STD's pr HIV?

2) are those symptoms indicative of HIV or STD's?

3) should I test now since I am at 1 year?

4) would sever leg pain (not sure if muscle or joint pain) 2 weeks after exposure be due to an STD and HIV?

5) can I fully rely on my results?

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you NEVER had a risk of contracting hiv.

the tests you've had done PROVE that you don't have hiv
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The severity of your mistake? What mistake?? You had safe sex! You never had an HIV concern and your tests confirm that. I don't see anything in what you did that qualifies as a mistake.
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