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Rapid test at three months with having many symptoms

I had a sexual exposure before three months with a call girl. After two days of exposure I had abelly button infection I had a small cut in belly hole I think I got it from the call girl nails. I was treated with antibiotics it healed in two days. I started symptoms from 23days after exposure I feel feverish but below 99.5 head ache body pains .in the past three months I feel feverish in afternoon.and. Normal by night I had a canker sores on tonsil,sore throt, abdominal cramps pain in upper right abdomen.bloated gassy not having a free bowel moment.feeling like constipated.
Inspite of all this symptoms I had HIV duo combo at six weeks through elisa non reactive 0.40
HIV duo combo 9weeks  through cmia non reactive 0.12
HIV tridot at 90days neg
Hbsag at 12weeks neg
Hcv tridot at 12weeks neg
But I had slight elevated esr 18
Elevated liver enzymes
Alt 57
Elevated wbc10900
Are my tests for HIV hcv and hbsag conclusive
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Your first duo test was conclusive and all the other tests were unnecessary. You do not have HIV. That is why you keep testing negative. HIV has been conclusively ruled out at this point, more than enough times.
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Chima Thank u for ur support. I don't know why for past two months I am seriously bloated abdominal pain. Urge to have a bowel movement but not having it. Slight elevated temp body pains red burning eyes. Inspite of all this I am neg I don't know why these symptoms are occuring.
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Go see a doctor for your issues. But you've already ruled out HIV, more than enough times.
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