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Razor blade cut

My sister mistakenly stepped on a razor blade that was lying on the floor and she bled, If the person that used the razor is hiv positive, is my sister at risk? Secondly when she was fixing her hair weavon, the hair dresser who is hiv positive pricked herself with the needle she was using and it bled, there was dried blood on her hand, she used the same hand to touch my sister's wound, is she at risk
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You were probably told on a previous thread that the only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration or to share IV drug needles. Air inactivates the virus.  People do not get HIV from surfaces or blood that is out in the air. So, anything like this that you may think of or be worried about, please keep that in mind.  Do you have a good amount of anxiety?  This might be something to explore and talk to a doctor about so that you don't keep having fear at every scrape, poke or cut which is a common occurrence.
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Hiv is dead when the virus hit oxygen so there was no hiv on that razor blade. Secondly dried blood inactives all the virus as I mentioned earlier. This is not a HIV concern. Hope that helps.
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