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Recieved Unprotcted oral sex from a Gay man. extremely worried HIV risks

Dear Doctor,

I am a male. curious. I am worried about a recent exposure. I received and unprotected blow job from another male (college student. China). it lasted for about 5 seconds. I ejaculated in his mouth. I am very worried about Getting HIV and maybe other STDs. HIV is my biggest concern. He said he is negative and has to undergo regular tests because he has to travel on exchange programmes

at about  15 days from this exposure. I was having a bad sinus allergy. with excessive sneezing and liquid discharge from nose. (I often have this even without this exposure) I developed a sore throat a day after this and had a slight fever on the nest day (37.2-37.3 degrees C). fever lasted for 2.5 days almost. I started Augmentin 375 mg early on the first day of sore throat on doctors advice. I took it for 7 days. my sore throat completely cleared in 8 days. towards the end of these 8 days. I had greenish and brownish nasal thick nasal discharge (2 days). in total this sore throat episode lasted 8-9 days. these look like ARS symptoms to me. I am not sure but very worried.

I got Rapid HIV antibody tests at 5.5 weeks (40 days). (blood and Oral mucosal Transudate. OMT) at CDC funded STD clinic in shanghai. both negative.
I tested by a self OMT kit (DPP) at 7 weeks (50 days). still Negative.

Please comment on my situation. what should I do. I am extremely worried.

Can a Doctor guide me here
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission!  You can only get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  Air and saliva render this fragile virus inactive.  So, you never had a risk.  Your negative tests were expected and your sinus allergy is a sinus allergy and nothing to do with HIV.  
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@Teak does everyone agree with this?

I got another ELISA Ab test at 8 weeks from this, I am negative.

Can I consider this conclusive and move on?
There isn't anything to disagree with.  Facts are facts.  You had no risk for HIV, so any test you take is conclusive, and negative, and you should definitely move on and forget about this no-risk event.
Ok. Thanks for answering
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here is a thread that gave me some good peace of mind further

As the good doctor says
" It can take up to 6 weeks for the HIV antibody tests, including Western blot, to become positive.  However, the antibody tests always are positive within 10 days after onset of symptoms -- so the test result is proof your symptoms are not due to HIV. "

also here
ix weeks is definitive for the stand-alone antibody tests.  The duo test (for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen) and other combinations of direct HIV and antibody tests can be reliable at earlier times.  See this thread:


Thank you all for help and reassurances.
I shared these threads for other Anxious and silly minds like myself. who are actually afraid of Sex. and feel guilty for religious reasons after it.
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