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Red Spots On Penis

I recently had oral and vaginal sex with a female.. I’m starting to see red spots inside the penis skin and on shaft. No bumps. Can it be balanitis? I’m Not Circumsised. I have nothing on my scrotum. And have no discharge, only in in the morning. The Lineing Of My penis is red. Does not hurt when I urinate. Feels like I have a paper cut when I use soap. Just to be sure I’m getting tested Monday. 3/30
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Yes, if you had unprotected sex, you will need to be tested for HIV at the appropriate time, which is 28 days after if you use a 4th generation Duo test.  It's a good sign she tested negative but her window period for any sexual exposures she's had come into play.  And it's also something to note that a one time exposure that is unprotected is low transmission risk of less than 2 percent. So, you don't need to be overly worried, but test none the less.

the red spots could be yeast transferred to you by the way. That can transfer.  I would say that you also need to be tested for std's with an unprotected vaginal exposure.  But yes, it could also be balanitis.
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I’ve Gotten HIV tested. Everything Came Back Non Reactive In September 2019
With The Same Female.
Well, then you know about HIV.  I'm not sure what you are asking.  Yes, unprotected sex is a risk and you can get tested at 28 days with a 4th generation test. If you don't feel you need to because she is a known person in your life, then that is up to you.  The spots have nothing to do with HIV. And if you are arguing you don't need to test, then you probably don't need to be asking about spots on your penis and HIV either.  Right?  So, I'm not really sure what you are looking for here.  
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Unprotected sex with an individual of an unknown sero-status warrants HIV testing. If you are here suspecting HIV infection, you can test at 28 days with a IV / V generation HIV test.

For information on other STIs or men's health please post in relevant forum, use the search function at the top right hand side of this website.
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Was the vaginal protected?
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No condom. She went to get tested today. Turns out she has Yeast Infection.
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