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Reddish-Brown on Botton part of Condom after it removal?

I have sex with a escort and I noticed red-brownish inside condom (just the bottom part not the tip) she mentioned later the she was in her period. My question is: should I be worry because of that considering that I wore condom the whole encounter and didn’t break? Is posible to vaginal fluids or other liquids to enter throughout bottom part of it?
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Nothing crawled under the ring at the bottom of the condom then travelled up to the tip. If the ring was that loose, the condom would have fallen off before anything got that far up it.
All you need to know is you can't get hiv when you use a condom, so relax and move on.

hiv is dead in air so it is no risk if something gets in the condom after the penetration ended- perhaps you got mixed up about when the discoloration got inside the condom. Etc.
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Sorry, I notice you mention the discoloration was at the bottom not the tip. You caused that when you took the condom off, so you are safe and should move on.
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