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Reliability of HIV testing and Chances of acquiring HIV through used gloves


I am not sure if this is the right place for my issue, so maybe someone can tell me if there's a more appropriate forum for this.
My problem started about 1 year ago. I have always been a little afraid of hiv since it's uncurable, but 1 year ago it turned into an obsession.
I went to a saloon for shaving and i got big cut on my neck, i am not sure if the barber used a new razor blade or not and my worry of HIV infection started.
Later on after 13 days after that incident i have gone for HIV PCR RNA test, CBP, VRDL and Hepatitis B in a private hospitals (when sample is collected i made the sample collector to wear new gloves)  all came back negative and my lymphocyte count was 29% (Total WBC-7100). But my worrying didn't gone for two months and later on i went to ICTC center (a place where testing and counselling is given for people on HIV) and the Councillor explained everything and when i heard about all the thing she explained me, i got relief from my  tensions. Later on she counselled in a way that i had taken the test at the center. I asked her to wear new gloves but she told the HIV infection is not that easily transmitted and collected blood by wearing used gloves and before she inject the syringe into me for collecting blood i saw her touching at the other end of needle with the fingers of the hand. After that incident my worrying became more and all my symptoms started. I got gastric problem and loose motions and i feel some foreign object is there in my throat. Then my parents took me to a psychologist, i explained him everything he said this is a symptom of globus sensation and given me some anti-depression capsules but my symptoms have not stopped and i also had  pain near lower part of my jaws. After four and half month i took western blot test, all the things came negative except serum control which came back as positive (but my lymphocyte count is 45% (Total WBC-5700)) and later on after five and half months i took tridot test which is also came back as negative and at 8 months 25 days a ELISA immunology and the i received the value as 0.90.

The reason behind my worry is my physical symptoms, those were horrible, as you advised i have started taking treatment regarding those symptoms but the physical pain is still there. I have severe pain near my groins and a soar throat and i have digestion problem.

I am sure that the sample collector had used previously used gloves while collecting the sample for the test, i asked her to use new gloves but she turned down my request and taken out the blood.

It is now exactly nine months from that incident. I have under gone several test after that

My questions to you are:
Is the tridot test after 5 1/2 months and western Blot after 4 1/2 months are accurate for diagnosing HIV?
There is an increase in my lymphocyte count  form 29% to 45%, I have no fever or other infection at that time  (it  is the thing that is most worrying me as i have read in one article that lymphocyte count will increase in the early stage of HIV infection) is it true?
And is there any test which is better than western blot and do you think i need any further testing is needed?
With the Elisa test i have taken i have a new worry, the value i got is 0.90 which is just on the border. Is it definitely conclusive and negative?
How much time (Seconds/Minutes) can HIV virus be alive in human blood outside the human body?
If i had shared an syringe with a person with HIV and got tested negative after three months, can it be taken as conclusive?
Is there any chance i will be showing as positive in future?
As i told, my family is planning to get me married now, but i am thinking of to wait for another 5 to 6 years and then tested for HIV and to married if my report was still negative, is there any chance of my report to change after, 5 years?
Can i donate blood, now?
Can you suggest me the best test in identify the HIV Virus, instead of antibody in India?
Is there any test that is 100% accurate in finding the HIV Virus?

Really appreciate your help.

Awaiting your response.
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Alright, I'm going to be fairly short here and straight forward.

You are negative. That simple, and you need to believe that. You are focusing so much on HIV instead of your anxiety which is causing all of this. I had a HUGE HIV worry years ago. Ruined 2-3 years of my life over fears that shouldn't have been fears at all. Are you educated in HIV? This personally helped me. HIV is so rare and so hard to get. You have to have unprotected sex or share a syringe with somebody who already has the virus to get it, and even then it's still hard to get.

You're negative, yes 3 months is negative. HIV virus dies seconds after leaving the body, there are even some studies that suggest once it leaves the body into open air it can no longer spread.

Focus on your anxiety and getting that better. This is the underlining issue here that needs to be addressed. You could get a million tests, but until you address your HIV anxiety you will likely continue to have these irrational fears and thoughts.

You're ok.
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Hi, You said you also gone through similar phase like i am right now going through.My questions to you are:
What kind of symptoms you have at that time?
Have you tested your self recently?
I hope you had answered to many peoples queries and seen many people like me, what were there symptoms?
Is ANY test after 3 months is 100% conclusive and are there chances where the window period extended beyond three months?
Are any infections happened through Razor cut, cut through nail which is infected by blood with virus and through gloves which are used and contains virus on it (She touched the gloves, but at the other end of the needle, i hope that part of the needle doesn't goes in to the body while collecting the blood sample?
If the infection is not so easy why the people there in the HIV testing center wears gloves and people at other general testing center don't?Read the below story:
Once i have been to a general hospital for blood test and the blood collector these is with bare hands and he was doing the test by himself with bare-hands, then i asked him, why don't you wear gloves? His answer to me was, we do not get Positive patients, then when he is about to take sample i asked him to stop and left that place.

But, i want to get educate my self about the infection and went to the Government HIV testing center in India. I initially went there to get counselled and didn't even sit on the chair there in the counselling center? After the counselling session, i had done a stupidest thing of life by saying yes to the test (The counselor there convinced me that taking the test is not so big think and many people get tested there very regularly).

When we went there to the sample collection room the person who collects the blood was not there at her desk, and she returned there about after 5 second wearing a gloves to one of her had when we went there, when the counselor asked her where did you go? The lady replied i have went to the Lab to give the samples there (the lab is there in the next room).

If example the gloves which was used during the sample collecting is contaminated by Blood, what is my risk would be?

I never had sex and never shared syringes, but had blood tests in worst places where there is high possibility of infecting myself, but hope all the syringes used are brand new ( i saw all the been opened), how you calculate my risk of infection (What percent?)?
Hope you responds to my questions.

People here are very negligent and careless, see if that incident at the hospital never happened, i would have been very happy today, without any worry, although this happened before nine months and i got all my reports as negative, i am still worried because of the symptoms i have feeling of lump in throat for about 8 months now, loose stools for about 9 months now and pain near groins about 7 months now and tested many different tests and everything came normal and have taken different medicines but no improvement at all?

My worry is all about my dream to lead happy life with my family, with my wife, Children....
Don't know if i will get married and lead a happy life that i always want to?
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