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Reliability of thr rapid test?

My possible exposure was very low. After 2 months of being together the girl revealed that she had around 4 sexual partners before me. We had no unprotected sex actually no sex at all. Just deep kissing almost everyday for 2 months and oral sex receiving and giving) just once. And once I had her vaginal fluids on my penis when it was flaccid. I am uncircumcised.

I have 2 persistently swollen lymph nodes (can only be noticed when touched and are not visible) one is a cervical lymph node and one is near the elbow bone. I read on numerous forums that if the lymph nodes are in multiple locations, if they are swollen for more than 6 weeks, increasing in size etc they should be checked by a doctor. I was very worried about any STD and I still am, the anxiety was and is killing me. My lymph nodes are just persistent. And there was a period when I had on and off pains in my joints which would last for a few seconds and occur few times in a day.

So I got a rapid HIV test done after around 86 days. It was negative. The kit was not sealed when the testing doctor brought it to the testing room. Only the membrane was sealed. noted all my information and opened the membrane from its packaging. So the membrane lied open for around 10 minutes. My finger was pricked and the test was conducted and it was non-reactive. Can this be considered conclusive? I know reactive tests are further verified by blood tests. Are there chances of the negative test being false?
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sorry it was after 91 days not 86
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it is conclusive
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