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Reused lancet

Before 30 days, I pricked my finger to check my diabetes by a lancet used by my colleague. I pricked thrice using the same lancet in a span of 4 hrs. My questions are,
1. Is it possible that I could get HIV due to fingerpricking on a reused lancet? I dont know about his HIV status.
2. My 4th generation HIV test by cmia method came as Negative on 29th day(28 days completed). Can I consider the result as conclusive and move on? Or should I take one more test?
Please help.
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HIV is not transmitted by lancets or any other device that could prick you, unless it is a hollow-bore needle attached to a syringe.

Don't share lancets with other people.  You can get a multitude of bacterial infections that way, along with the potential risk for Hepatitis B and C.  
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Is my test on 29th day conclusive, Ma'am? It was a 4th generation HIV cmia test.
You can't have hiv so any test taken anytime will be conclusive because it will always show the correct reading - negative. There are no guidelines for taking a placebo test, so you can make up whatever timeline you like if you continue to waste your time testing.
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