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Risk blood in mouth?


I'm gay and last week I gave unprotected and received oral. Also there was French kissing. He put his tongue very deep in my mouth. Normally I don't worry anymore about such events but when I went to bathroom, there was blood in my saliva. I don't know who's blood it was. Is there a risk if it was his blood that could get in my urethra or the risk by kissing? I have slight gingivitis.
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You have many hiv threads so you are fixated on this non-event. You even told someone that blood was not a risk here, yet you are back to worrying about it with your last post, it is kind of like a bad hobby for you to spend so much time thinking about hiv. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/I-received-unprotected-oral-and-kissed-an-HIV-man--noticed-a-scratch-on-face/show/3050564
You should see a therapist to try to get relief from this unusual fixation on one disease where you have made 48 posts since September. Despite the fact that every time you post, someone writes back to tell you that you had no risk yet you are still worried today. That is an unhealthy phobia to be stuck on the one disease that you can't have and ignore that there are 5,000 other diseases that you can have - for instance you will likely get Covid from him if he was positive for it, yet you don't even think about that.
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I am pretty sure that all of the risks for HIV have been told to you previously.  But I'll do it one more time.  The only ways (focus on only) that adults will get HIV is from unprotected, penetrating vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. That is it. Air and saliva both inactivate the virus.  So, this is not a risk in any way.  Even with your added things like gingivitis and blood in saliva.  Not a risk.  Surprised after all of your posts you are still wondering about what is a risk for HIV.
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It was the presence of blood that scared me. Although my anxiety is much less now thanks by the forum. Thanks for the reply.
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