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Risk hiv from razor

Please ansewer my question , I'm very scared
I have my hair cut in  salon . When the barber are changing the blade  he cut his finger and i see this wound is bleeding, unluckily, he cut wounds my neck with the same blade and causes me two wounds in the back of my head. So what is the risk of hiv in my case.  Can i get hiv from this ?
I am afraid Because the blade was contaminated with his blood and he cut me at the same time
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Hello to you and no, this is not how people get HIV.  Air inactivates the virus.  So, any blade that had blood on it is exposed to air. You can not get HIV from a surface object like scissors or razor.   The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration or sharing IV drug needles.  You have no worries regarding HIV from going to the barber shop.  
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Even if his infected blood on thé blade enter to my stream blood
What makes you think he has infected blood? HIV is still a rare disease and majority of people don't have it. Regardless, you had no risk anyway, which is a fact that should make you very happy. You're free to move on with your life with no further concerns.
Thank you chima7 , Because I don't know him, that's what made me think he was infected
It's ok, you don't need to know him. The only thing you need to know is that you cannot be infected by him as long as you do not have penetrative sexual contact or share IV drug needles with him. Since you did not do either of those things, you have nothing to worry about.
Thank you chima7 , and iam sorry
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