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Risk of HIV from anal without ejaculation?

I'm male and I had my first (and only) sex 2 months ago (receptive anal). My partner didn't use a condom (now I realize how incredibly stupid that was). He didn't ejaculate inside, and whole act was around 2 minutes. I didn't notice later any blood coming out from my anus and it didn't hurt me. Till today I didn't experience any HIV symptoms (though I know some people don't experience any symptoms at all).

I'm 23 and my partner is 35.

My question is: how easy was for me to get HIV from my partner (if he has it)?

I'm going to take a test in a month, but I'm so scared.

Thanks for the answer.
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6.5 in 10000. Get tested with fourth generation and if result negative then use condom everytime you have veginal or any sex
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I apologize that I read your post wrong. You stated that this exposure was 2 MONTHS ago..........somehow I read that as 2 WEEKS.

Get tested immediately, unless you have had other possible exposures of  unprotected anal intercourse. You must then wait 28 days from your LAST exposure.

I cannot give you specific odds on your chances of having contracted HIV. There are differing opinions and thoughts of "first time" experiences with anal sex and if you're the giver or the receiver, which might offer you some small amount of relief, but those opinions are not based on hard science.

When you ask "how easy is it to get HIV from this situation," I don't know if you're repeating this question as it applies to YOUR specific situation or if it's a more generic question. I have already told you that unprotected insertive anal sex is the highest risk for contracting HIV.

Please test as soon as possible.
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Unprotected, insertive anal intercourse is THE most risky method to acquire HIV.

Have a 4th generation DUO test done 28 days post exposure. The results will be conclusive.

I wish you the best.
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Thank you very much for your answer. I'm aware anything is possible and I have to take the test to be certain if I have HIV or not. But just out of "curiosity" (and a great wish to calm myself even a bit if possible), what are the odds I got HIV? How easy is to get HIV from this situation? I would appreciate any kind of information.
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VERY happy to hear your results. Please learn from this experience.

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Good news: I did testing today and I'm hiv negative. What a relief!
Last couple of days were a disaster for me. A lot of bad things were going through my mind, but everything is OK now. People at testing were super polite and discrete. I recommend everyone in doubt of having HIV, go RIGHT AWAY there and do the testing. Don't wait a day anymore. Worrying about it just makes it worse.

Thanks for your support on this thread. I wish you all the best.
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