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Risk of HIV from encounter?

Hi all,

I had an escort over in the first week of Feb and had protected intercourse three times with her. I checked each time and the condoms looked intact - even did a water test and there were no leakages or anything.

Since then, I have started seeing a new girl and have had this sick feeling in my stomach ever since on whether I had a risk of exposure from the aforementioned encounter with the escort. I care about this new girl and don't want to put her at risk because of my past encounter. Questions:

1) Should I get tested for HIV based on the encounter with the escort, described above? That was my first sexual encounter since my last test in May 2019.

2) While I don't remember any cuts / peels on my fingers, just wanted to check the risk of contracting HIV while removing a condom covered in vaginal fluids. Can HIV be transmitted this way?

3) Is it possible for vaginal fluids to seep in through the base of the condom, thus potentially exposing a penis head?

Thank You,
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I agree.  You were brilliant to use a condom which protected you from any chance of getting HIV.  Unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles are the only ways people get it.  So, you are clear.  Your risk was zero and you can move on without fear from this previous episode.
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You can't get when you use a condom that protects the head, and she knows that, so that is why she supplied the condom. Micro tears are an old myth, because a failure always results in a large rip down the seam and you would both be noticing it and telling each other that "you better be negative." Therefore, messy water tests are a waste of time.
3If the condom was that loose that her fluid got under the ring at the bottom it would have fallen off. Move on from hiv because it isn't spread by touching it either, since it is dead in air and also in saliva which is why oral is also zero risk.
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Thanks, appreciate your response!
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