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Risk of HIV

My daughter 2yo got infection in hospital. Doctor put a needle under her hand. So every time nurse just bring 2 syringes, one with antibiotics inside,  the other with transparent liquid they say for cleaning purposes.

Every time I only see nurse bring the syringes. But I never see how the nurse put these medicine inside the syringes.

My question is the nurse add HIV blood into either or both syringes.  My daughter will have HIV?
Shall I bring her to do a HIV test?
Normally nurse will not do. But if the nurse purposely do it?

Please help

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Your fear assumes a nurse intent on giving someone hiv. The reality is there are other things a nurse bent on harming someone would inject that are not traceable,. No reason for you to fixate on hiv every time you see a needle.
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Do you mean what I am worried about not make sense?
I have never heard of a nurse injecting someone with hiv. There are better things for you to spend your time thinking about, rather than fixating on something that has never happened.
Offcourse, it make no sense at all. A nurse is not going to go fetch infected blood and inject it to your child.

I am not sure how would you come to such a thought. Though we understand you are only worried about your child but you don't need to live in such fear, if you are always worried about such irrational fears, it would be a good idea to see a therapist.
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