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Risk of hiv please help

Hey everybody thanks for being here.I recently found this form .I been reading so much from google but a lot of people saying some weird things.So I'm 19 Male and finally i managed to have sex with a girl i that i been trying for some time. I can't say it was the best since i couldn't less much it was like 15mins long but I'm sure that i seemed like i knew what i been doing :).But after that i started to have that weird feeling what if ?.So basically it was protected sex no oral or noting i used condom .But like i would say 10 hours before i shaved my genital area .I had kinda razor bumps like a couple not bleeding or not sensitive. One of them was on my penis covered by condom it was like almost impossible see very small i think that one popped when i put the condom on.Condom was covering it but it was really small after i couldn't even find where it was.Also had one pimple i didn't touch .It was on public area not going in to her but I'm concern if her vaginal fluid came on it or something after sex i took a shower and the pimple was still there as well as i wasn't pooped. Am i being at risk of getting hiv or some STD's that case.And any advice for further experiences. (I had std test like few months ago including the hiv all was negative i kinda don't want to go again at this covid 19 season) Thank you
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I'm glad you wore a condom.  That's great, always do that.  It protects you.  You never had a risk for HIV from your exposure.  As long as the head of your penis was covered, you are protected! The only ways that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating intercourse or sharing IV drug needles.  The transmission only takes place inside the body.  Air inactivates the virus.  Some contact std's are easier to transmit.  You can ask about that on the std forum here at medhelp but you do not have to worry about hiv from your exposure.  
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Hello. This may surprise you a bit but the HIV is not as "strong" as people think. What I mean is that the only way you can get HIV is when your blood or other body fluids get in contact with hers. And I don't mean just a droplet, it has literally to be a LOT of blood in direct contact. So, the only way of acquiring HIV from another person is by direct intercourse, needle sharing and blood transfusions. Just to keep you calmed, statistics  say that when you accidentally pinch yourself with a bloody needle, the probability of being infected after 1 ml of blood is just of 0.3%. The HCV is a lot more infectious, so, don't worry, you have ZERO probability of being infected with HIV, take a deep breath and enjoy your sexual life....with responsability.
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