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Saliva on eyelid can cause HIV?

I’m suffering a lot right now and it’s difficult to get the day through.
Four years ago I was in a bar and an acquaintance of a friend gave me a kiss on the forehead. He was a bearded guy getting drunk with beer, and a big drop of something — I’m assuming it was saliva, but it prob was beer — oozed/ran down from my forehead to my eye lid (I’m assuming it entered the eye).
I got very nervous and even asked him if he was tested, and he said that yes he has recently been tested. But of course, maybe he had a few one-night stands before, he was a bit like that.

It’s been four years and that still terrifies me, because me and my wife just had a new kid.

Me and my wife have had sex only a few times since our first kid (4 years ago) and she was tested and negative during  both pregnancies, the first 4 (4 years ago) and the recent one (a couple of months ago).

I still sometimes like today wake up frightened. What if that episode infected me and our new child is infected too?
I have done all my tests before we started our relationship about 8 years ago, and have been straight-arrow monogamous ever since. I panic with the idea of having tested again, I have a severe ocd problem but would like to be sure objectively of the risks involved so I can take up the psychotherapy side of the ocd.

Thanks a lot for the help. It really means a lot.
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Saliva is uninfectious, it has proteins and some salt content which inhibits the virus.

No documented cases of HIV have been caused by sweat, saliva or tears.

You were never at risk, testing is not recommended. See a therapist for your anxiety.
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Thank you. I feel better. Teak, LizziLou, Nursegirl, diver58 can you also contribute? I could really use some reassessment. Thank you
I haven't seen Lizzie and Teak posting here in ages. Good luck.
All of the people you named in your post would tell you exactly the same thing that Mike did, so it's not necessary for them to repeat what he said. Seek therapy for your irrational phobia because 4 years is a very long time to obsess over a non issue which couldn't physically result in infection anyway.
I suppose you guys are right. Thank you sincerely for the support.
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