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Same hiv test method but Different lab place could be different result?

Hi everyone,
I just want to know (sorry if will be alert for me again)
I know i have no risk before (mutual masturbate,thigh sex) but i want to ease my mind. So i get tested. Because i Am very anxious, i got tested in two different lab in one day (90day mark).
First lab is gov health lab facility using ELFA and came out NEGATIVE. The result finished in 1 day!
The second lab also using ELFA, but when i check my result the day after my blood took, they said maybe will take a few day,because its likely REACTIVE so this lab need to make another confirmation test again in 2-3 days.

1. Is this usually happen?
2.  Which one is correct?
3.  Is each lab has a different machine type for one method that could be make the process time different each other?

It is very honor for me if you answer my questions even you know my history posting
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You are lighting a fire under your own anxieties by having more testing that you needed. In fact, this is one of the reasons you should not have been tested at all. When there is no risk of HIV, as from mutual masturbation, there is no point in taking the chance of having an anxiety-producing false positive result. That's what has happened. It has caused needless worry since you shouldn't have been retested anyway.

1) No, this does not "usually happen".

2) The negative result almost certainly is the accurate one.

3) There are at least 10 commonly used HIV antibody tests, and different labs use different ones. Sometimes one will give a false positive result in a particular person.

So stay relaxed. You can expect teh follow-up confirmatory test to be negative.
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Thanx for the answer....
Now i waiting my result with very anxiety....
Hope everything gona be alright...
Hope you all right that mutual masturbation, fingering, handjob, frottage is no risk for hiv even fluid exchanged each other...
So, 3 month mark is conclusive and no more 6 month test?
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