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Scared about a possible hiv exposure

im a woman who recently had unprotected sex a few times within the last with an on an off partner, the last time i had sex with him unprotected i started my period straight after. I have asked him if im at risk for any std and he says no and gets quite irritated.

The thing is i have an std which could increase my risk of getting hiv, i also have symptoms which include:

swollen lymph node on neck

pain and aches in my shoulder

weakness in arms

bouts of a high temperature

night sweats where im soaked

extreme fatigue

sudden sharp pains

and just a general feeling of weakness

I know that i need to get tested and i plan on doing that soonish and will repeat again three months, im just so scared that when i do get tested it might not be good news, i dont know what to do, i know that anxiety can bring on symptoms as im an anxious person but ive never felt like this. I know hes 100% heterosexual and i know that its much more difficult for a can to catch hiv from a woman but its not impossible.

Based on my symptoms do you think im at risk
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Hi, HIV is a risk with unprotected sex. Testing would be conclusive in 3 months post exposure. Risk is not by symptoms but by not using condoms. Just relax and take the test. Anxiety does get the best of us. I got tested a while back for a travel permission and felt exactly as you from my previous affairs.
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Thanks for getting back to me, im trying to stay calm but is hard and the fact that he doesnt want me to get checked worries me even more.

But i know that only testing can give answers although i have a feeling
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