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Scared of the next upcoming days

Please bear with me in this text.

Hello, I've been a follower of this forum since my first big scare back in 2016 with a CSW, which ended up transmitting HPV. After 5 years without them disappearing but a completely different, healthier lifestyle working out and eating healthy, I had my warts frozen off and thought about moving on with my life.

But, this weekend Oct 2 at about 4 am I went again and did something stupid in a half drunken and half bold state of mind. After hanging with friends (lots of barbecue and beer), some decided to go pick up CSW from streets in South America and we ended up in motel rooms. To my knowledge I didn't pass out, but out of trauma -because I don't want to remember- I can't fully detail the event. Though I do remember we used two condoms.

First she wanted to perform unprotected oral on me but I refused, so she put the condom on me. Then she got on top and it fell off while she was on top. We then switched positions with that same condom. After that we went on to use the other condom.

Some kissing may have been involved -can't remember- in different positions (I know, strep or also covid is still around but I have the two shots in). I also don't remember if we did anal or not. To my knowledge, none of the condoms broke. I do remember not ejaculating at all, since it was a feat to be erected because of the partial drunk state. This event lasted like an hour. Before leaving, we were almost dressed up and I think she wanted me to try insertion without condom, which I also refused, but instead I just tried to finish on her back, not really touching her vaginal lips though, everything from above. After a few strokes, nothing. I gave up and we left.

Now, onto what I feel, besides excruciating anxiety:

This happened Saturday early morning. From there, the next day and today Monday, I've been having funny feelings in my testicles or scrotum.
- Trying to be specific, like a light pinching pressure on what would be my epididimys/vas deferens -yes I googled that up- or around there.
- Light pressure on my right thigh, between testicles and leg.
- Stomachache, lots of gasses and as of a few minutes, diarreah/watery stool (note, during the barbecue we ate a lot of meat and I almost choked on a chunk of meat that may have irritated my gastric juices)
- A somewhat increased urgency to urinate. But no burning, no itching in urethra or discharge.
- Sudden itchiness around my body, which I'm thinking is out of stress.
- Then, I'm just very anxious for the upcoming days and not wanting to expect visible symptoms to this infection.
- I've been having stress around my life lately and with this event, even more. I'm trembling a bit.

Note: I wasn't that drunk because I was fully aware of my belongings and picked all of them up. Some could've easily been forgotten in the motel.

Can anyone here give me their opinion and thoughts on these symptoms? I've read 2 days is way too early, but if I have these 2 days in, don't want to think what could happen in the next week or so.

I've also read that female to male transmission for one time encounter is extremely low with and even without condom, but I once had a protected episode before and ended up with HPV. While I don't have a partner to infect, I'm still concerned about my personal health, which I've been trying to regulate getting the warts frozen and all. Just don't want bad luck to happen to me twice.

I have an upcoming visit to urologist in late November, but my anxiety is getting the best of me. I'm planning on having a std panel done soon to rule this one plus any other previous interaction out.

I'm going to my therapist soon too.
Having intercourse is scaring the life out of me. But then, shouldn't it be a natural human thing?

Thanks in advance for all the comments and opinions.

Ps: keep in mind my inmune system is strong, did lab exams on August and doc said I was sharp. I eat healthy, work out, don’t do drugs.
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I'm not sure what you are looking for here.
You are a college student and have followed this forum for 5 years yet you don't know the only 3 ways hiv is spread?
Or because you were drunk are you looking for anxiety support which this forum can't provide?

THat is an epic post but can be summarized by the fact you used a condom, and after 5 years of reading posts here you should know you had zero risk.  Your immune system and healthy lifestyle, working out, wart removal and the rest of your epic story are irrelevant and have nothing to do with whether you caught hiv.
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Not in college anymore. Username was created 5 years ago. The thing is, I have this funny feeling on my testicles, and a pressure squeeze on the right side of my scrotum/testicle (no burning, no itching, just like a pressure) and then had diarreah yesterday
You used a condom so should move on instead of providing an increasing list of irrelevant details. This is not a testicle or diarrhea forum so see doc about the funny feelings.
So you don’t suggest doing testing?
And tbh, it’s pretty much the scare that got me anxious and also the fact of not knowing if I have something or not. But that’s also why I’m going to talk to my therapist too.
hiv prevention is straightforward. At this point your anxiety is a bit of a mental health issue because you have read this forum for 5 years, but are asking the same thing over and over.
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Please just extract the relevant details.  They are buried in the excruciating, irrelevant details.

Did you or did you not insert your penis into a vagina or anus, unprotected?
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In my half drunken state:
Refused to have unprotected oral, vaginal sex
Condom slippage (let’s say complete slippage at least 1 time)
Uncertainty of (protected -since I always refused unprotected) anal

As of now:
Pressure on the right front side of my scrotum + thighs + funny feelings in testicle
No abnormal discharge, blood or anything.
Only diarreah (it has stopped since yesterday)
- scared of upcoming days and on the lookout for other symptoms.
Those aren't HIV symptoms  and the presence or absence of any symptoms is never used to rule in/rule out the possibility of HIV infection.

If the head of your penis was covered during intercourse, you had no risk for HIV.  If you're not sure if you had unprotected intercourse, then take a test at least 28 days post-event to know your status for sure.
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