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Seriously worried about HIV or any other STD

    I am male from Bangalore. I performed oral sex with a stranger on Nov 21(35 days ago). After kissing & hugging, I performed oral sex on him for 5-10 mins. He ejaculated on my chest. I have a bad habit of biting nails due to which there might be some cuts inside my mouth.
    On exactly 10th day, my left underarm started paining and in two days it became quite intense and I had to visit a doctor to whom I told about the act. I was given pain killers and the pain subsided.
    Sometime during 15th day, my left groin started paining but it was very minimal which lasted for 1 day.(might be due to my poor underwear hygiene).
    from 10th-15th day I had bitter mouth, chills, sore throat. So I went to the same doctor again and concluded I had no fever.
    Everything was normal until Dec 22nd.
    From past two days, I got the underarm pain back with 2 mouth sores, slight throat sore and I feel enlarged swollen glands under my jaw. I could feel a lump underarm too which pains occasionally.
    But I don't have any fever or cold, I am able to eat anything without any stomach upset and no body pains. Nor I have any rashes. I feel perfectly alright apart from the recent symptoms I mentioned.
    I am very much worried and feel stressed and hopeless. I am thinking of testing for any STD.
    As I have mentioned, are the above symptoms(underarm pain, mouth sores, throat sore)  of any STD especially HIV?
   Search in internet for symptoms is making me mad.
   Please help.
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I'm no Dr so you understand that.
Testing decisions are between you and your Dr.
From what I've read in the Drs forum if you are indeed experiencing ARS as long as you have experienced your symptoms, you would/ should test positive as it would indicate your bodies reaction to acute hiv infection.
Many here would feel testing wasn't needed but I'm conservative and feel better to advise playing it safe as you did. Feel good about your negative HIV result.
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hmm thank you very much Iommi..  I am feeling much better.. Our mind plays lot of games with us..
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Hey, I got tested for 4th generation p24 Ag & Ab .. The observed value is 0.11 S/Co and the biological reference interval is non-reactive. Is this conclusive or should I test for 3 months.
Please reply.
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Being you are experiencing symptoms that are unusual to you, a 4th generation test at this time would be virtually conclusive. It will be considered unnecessary by some but I play it safe and would test for peace of mind so your anxiety doesn't screw your life up and you can focus elsewhere for your answer.
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@iommi ,Thank you for you reply.  I will definitely conduct test. but, I am very much scared and worried of what the results could be. mouth ulcers and armpit pain is what worrying me.
I'll keep you posted.
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Searching the the internet for HIV symptoms will drive you crazy and I'm speaking from experience.
They mirror many other things.
Catching HIV from giving oral is a no risk to a theoretical risk being studying this question has too many variables.
This should be very encouraging.
Your chances of catching another form of STD or STI is the greater risk.

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