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Sewing Needle

hi. tnx in advanced for this useful forum. i have a question and hope you guys have a anwser for it.

yesterday my friend was playing with a sewing needle until it poked into his finger. i didn't saw this but he says it didn't bleed. shortly after that he poked that sewing needle into my leg. i just felt sting for seconds and don't know if it bleed or not. on one hand i dont know about his hiv status. now my question is : what are odds of getting hiv from what i describe?
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hiv is not transmitted from a sewing needle. EVEN IF there was blood on the needle and EVEN IF you friend has hiv...you would not have been at risk for contracting hiv.  once the blood is exposed to air, hiv becomes inactive and unable to infect
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Wrong, it was not a sewing needle . Move along.
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It's not impossible: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8397683.stm
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tnx a lot LIZZIE. good luck.
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