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Sex with CSW and MC Blood On Scrotum....

Recently had sex with a CSW , she just completed her periods.
Sex was portected through out .But in tha end some blood with vaginal fluid was found on my scrotum .
Is it a matter of Worry....
HiV chances ?
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No. As long as urethra was protected with a condom, you were safe. No risk. Testing is not recommended.
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Means blood in contact with scrotum doesnt count ...also i had a cut with teimmer almost 24 hours before...is that a concern of worry
No. HIV can't be transmitted outside of the body. Also, scrapes, paper-cuts, razor-burns and wounds etc can't let this virus into your body. It's time for you to move on. Keep using condoms correctly and consistently to stay away from STIs.
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Ya, you had no risk.  As long as the head of your penis is covered, there is no fear of HIV.  Even if you found blood.  Just touching blood does not result in HIV.  The only risks for HIV are unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air inactivates the virus.  Blood at the base of your penis is not going to give you HIV, so no worries.  No risk.  
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Thanx....i hope it will cover my worries...by the way if there is a cut over there on scrotum which is almost 20 hours old...than ?
You keep asking.  Nothing changes the fact that this isn't a risk.
Sorry...thanx ....over and out !!!
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