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Sexual encounter with HIV+ man

Hi, today I ended up hooking up with a guy I met at a club last night. We engaged in mutual masturbation and heavy kissing. We rubbed our penises together for a little bit, but there was no penetration and no oral sex (aside from him licking my testicles for like 20 seconds).
He did not cum.
After we finished we talked about sex and I told him I don't like anal cause I'm afraid of stds and condom breaking. He then told me he's HIV+ and that everything in life implies a risk, but if you don't take risks then you might as well be dead.
I'm now really scared. I also feel a mild soar throat. How high is my risk of getting HIV or any other STD here??
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there is no risk for HIV at all, for STDs please post in the STD forum.

No need for HIV testing and no need to worry at all.
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You have a sore throught because you know that is a possible ARS symptom. Just anxiety.

Really there was never a risk so you are fine.
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You didn't do anything to put yourself at risk for HIV.  Your encounter was safe in terms of HIV.
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Thanks, I'm afraid that without notice a drop of hir precum might have made contact with the opening on the tip of my penis though.
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Still not a risk
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Everything does have risks, but the way to reduce the risk is just use a condom for all sexual activity.  

Keep in mind that there are other STDs that can happen even with low risk activities like oral sex.  

I'm glad you did not engage in any other activity with him.  I'm glad he was honest enough to tell you he has HIV.  

Some people either lie or say they don't have it (even when they've never tested) and without testing they themselves cannot no.  

Are they lying when they say this? Yes.  Not out of malice, but out of ignorance.

Keep staying careful -- you can still have fun in life.

Be well.  
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