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Should I need testing for HIV/STD

Happened in a bar in HongKong with a Filipio girl (both encounters)

1st encounter:

Licking armpits, touching tongues (3-4 times), she was rubbing my Penis with my pants ON and massaged gently. 3-4 times tongue touching, rubbed her ******* back with finger, not sure whether touched her ass/vagina. She was in her panties.

2nd encounter: (same day within hours):
no deep kissing, smelling/licking armpits, licking nipples (both), she was sitting on the lap
with clothes on (I was wearing jeans (no undies), she was in her g-string), she moved forward and backwards, lasted around 30 mts.
No touching of genitals.

1. Do I need to test for any STD/HIV..? Pls advise, This happened a week ago and I do not have feel any symptoms except fear..?
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Armpit licking is a new one but is not a risk for HIV.  The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex that has penetration involved and sharing IV drug needles.  Clothes on and rubbing?  No risk.  Touching skin or even genitals?  no risk.  Kissing, touching tongues, licking?  No risk.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.
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Thanks GuitarRox...Will move on. Are there any STD risks..
This forum is specific to HIV questions. Post your STD questions on the STD forum.
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No not for the above mentioned situation - you don't need to test. Thank you.
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Thanks Indian1975
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