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Should i have to do a hiv test?

Hi Guys! Can please ans wer my question,im really worried i got HIV infection about 5 weeks ago.i was visited a sexworker in Hungary,i had unproetcted oral and /i received / didnt pratice oral on her,then protected sex for about 5 mins.So after sex i washed my penis and used dettol to kill bacteries,also did urine as well.in this time i noticed she did injured  my foreskin with  her teeth,wasnt bleeding just a bit skin off...im really worried i got infected with Hiv after that.i got soar troat and got flu not high temp.not anybother symptoms i noticed on myself,also all my collegues have that flu . But im still thinking about it all day i got infected with hiv.can you please answer me guys do i have to for atest or just move on on this.this drive me crazy!!! Thanks
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Oral sex is not a risk gor hiv.
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Thank you to your answer,even if she injured my foreskin with her teeth,because im still thinking about it what if she had sore or she was bleeding in her mouth.would you reccomend to do a test or move on with it?
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No risk for the oral sex. The word 'if' always came when overthink about the incident.'if' she was injured and bleeding in her mouth, you will see the patch of blood on your penis. Just relax you dont have risk.move on.
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