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Single exposure unprotected sex and HIV risk?

Hi there. Three days ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a heterosexual male. I don’t want to say it was non-consensual, but I was under the heavy influence of alcohol and it became very painful towards the end. He did ejaculate in me. I asked him later on if he was sure if he was “clean” from STIs/STDs, and he said “I wouldn’t have had unprotected sex with you if I wasn’t clean”, but I know he has multiple partners - I don’t know if he absolutely always uses protection with them or if he would even know if he is clear of infection. I know this was a stupid situation and this is my first time with an unprotected sex incident. I tried to read other posts here but most seem very theoretical, and I would just like some actually reassurance or information from a doctor. What are the real chances of getting HIV from a singular incident? And if the sex was rough enough to cause microabrasions, would that be a high risk for infection? I really appreciate any help.
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Hi. You did have a risk by having unprotected sex. The best path forward for you would be to get tested at 28 days post exposure for a conclusive result using a 4th generation duo test. All other tests besides the 4th gen are not conclusive until 12 weeks after exposure.

As to your question about microabrasions, that would not increase your risk if your partner is HIV negative. If your partner isn't infected then he cannot infect you. The chances that he is infected are pretty low but you should still get tested to confirm your own status.

In the meantime I wouldn't worry too much about it. Don't be like all of the others who post here and start examining every minor change in your body and don't go googling for symptoms. There is no consistency in the information that you will find and it's just going to confuse you. Just wait 28 days, get your test, collect the most likely negative results, and move on. Always use condoms in the future to avoid these concerns in the future.
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