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Sould i get PEP for HIV?-please respond immediately

26 hours before the time i write this i had sex with a hooker.i am a straight male
i never had any stds in my life and i never had sex (vaginal or oral) without a condom.i never had anal sex with a man or a woman in my life.
this time though i went to red light distright to have sex with a hooker.i received oral sex with condom on
then proceeded to vaginal sex.
i was really tired and could not maintain a good erection
the female was upon me when we had sex and we had rough sex because in this position i dont feel enough stimulation for 4-5min.
she wasnt wet i never ejacuated but she got tired and when she came off me we both realized that the condom was completely off my penis upon the bed.i didnt feel anthing different during the sex act .
she put lube in her vagina before the act if that even matters.
i asked for exams.she lied to me by showing some papers that she was supposedly healthy.
it was a joke seriously because the date on them was 1/12 and i had sex with her on 30/11.
i went to the doctor immediately. he sent me to other 3-4 places until i finally found the center for hiv in my area.
in the morning i will speak to the other doctor about this/
my question is
i ask this because i read that the chance of it is very low (ranging from 1/1000 to 5/10000)
if i decide to get PEP what are the side effects (short term,long term and unknown)?
is there any prophylaxis for other STDS?i am already vaccinated for HBV.
thanks for answering
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yeah thanks
i am very calm i believe i will be fine
i actually went to the doctor today who specialises with this stuff (i still am in the 72 hour PEP window)
he said that they test hookers (lol i dont even believe it) and that only 1% of the pop in my country is known to be positive
he believes the danger is less than 1% if the girl is positive,which she may not be.
i decided not to take the drugs
i asked about them and he said that i should ran a full month of anti-HIV drugs as PEP.the drugs have side effects like fatigue diarhea and stomach pain.he also said that they are quite expensive but i didnt ask more.
he suggested i test for gonorhea and syphilis and later HIV and HCV.i am vaccinated for HBV.
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This is your decision to make.
The fact is that as fas as sexual practices are concerned hiv can  only be transmitted via unprotected anal or and vaginal penetration and your exposure is unprotected vaginal penetration. Is that correct? So, if that was your exposure then you should consider talk to a doctor as soon as possible (about the possibility of starting pep) or wait for the window period and test.
Till then stay calm
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i didnt went to the hospital today.should i really talk to my doctor?i researched online and found the perentage is very small from vaginal heterosexual contact, less than 1/1000 if the girl was positive.
its strange but i dont like talking to other people about what i do in my sex life.
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Oh I understand. Then you should ask immediately your doctors advice whether to start pep or not because unprotected penetration is a risk of hi transmission
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no i said the condom was off my penis because it came off unwillingly as the girl was on me.
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What about (fellatio) without a condom?
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your posts show me a really worried person but in fact with no reason. You had protected sex and as you were already been told as far as sexual practices are conncerned hi can only be transmitted via UNPROTECTED ANAL or/and VAGINAL penetration. So, to answer your new post, oral sex with a condom on is not a risk.
Take care
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