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Symptoms leads to HIV?

Hi,  My age is 28 years male. I smoke 5-6 cigerattes a day.I am always active in sex with prostitutions but with condom.  Recently i went to a club in Berlin had a sex with 3 girls with condom. I  dont know whether  my condom was broken. but after two weeks.
These are my symptoms:
1) I had a bad breath,
2)Mounth dry
3)White tongue
4)feels something is blocked in the throat.
5) recently, every time after 30 minutes of eating food, I should go to bathroom for ****.
My questions:
1)Is these symptoms lead to HIV? or because of smoking?
2) One time i.e around 6 weeks before, I remember i had done a sex with one prostitution like 20 minutes in such a way that both are sweating alot. literally very hard sex but with condom. Is there any chance that HIV or STD's will transfer with Sweat?

Please clarify questions.
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Condom protected sex is safe sex. You had NO risk of acquiring HIV. Nothing you describe is symptomatic of acute HIV (ARS). No, STDs, are not transmitted through sweat.
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thank you for soon reply. So I dont need to take HIV Test!!!?
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