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Test reliability

Hi all thanks for this forum full of usefull info!!
I'll jump straight to it i visited a csw and the condom broke, its been the worse time in my life. From scrolling through the forums i concluded my best chance was to go for a 4th generation hiv test. So 30 days post exposure i went for a full std panel including the 4th generation test, everything thankfully came out negative! Although the nurse was very much against me taking the test this early which i found odd after the info i got from this forum. Also at the 5 weeks mark i started to get swollen lymph nodes behind my ears and on my groin, this plus the nurse sent me straight back to anxiety city.
So my questions are, can i really truat the 4 th ge eration test at 30 days?
Should i re test?
Are the swollen lymph nodes a sign that i am doomed ?
Im extremelyy scared at the moment !!
Thanks 8n advance for an answer
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There are health care professionals who are not as educated as they should be regarding HIV testing and it sounds like the nurse you encountered could stand to do some reading.  Your HIV Duo 4th generation test was conclusive.  Your lymph nodes are nothing to do with HIV.  You are clear.
Hey guitarrox,
You have no idea how much of a relief your comment makes me feel! Im still super freaked out obviously but i wil take your word for it my friend !
I guess i will try to put this whole embarassing event behind me and move on !
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