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Tested negative but very very scary symptoms

My exposure:
received oral sex from a man who had a bleeding gums and that tooth was bleeding actively.
I cannot find any blood on my penis but a little bit red due to biting? I dont know. Have seen doctor he said no wounds were found.

I got tested 16 days and 31 days after exposure using CMIA HIV Combo which both came back negative.
I know that many doctors stress that Hiv combo done at 4 weeks are conclusive but I am afraid that I am the rare case as I had weird symptoms that freak me out.

Symptoms that made me worried:
1. After maybe few days or 10 days post exposure, my forehead always felt hot to touch and sometimes burning. but temperature was normal. Highest is 37.2
As time went by, my hot forehead worsen. My temple areas started to feel burning to touch as well. It feels like you have a fever but temperature was always under 37.4.
After getting 31 days negative results, my temp reached 37.5 for a few times.
I know that this temp is not really ars fever. But now my burning skin has worsened.
Now my forehead, eyes, temple, face, cheeks, neck, upper body and sometimes my legs always feel hot to touch while my body temp is normal. It is now 10 weeks after exposure already.
The strange things are that when my head feels hot touch, I actually dont feel hot and dont sweat. It is just burning to touch and I dont feel sick. Doctor told me it may be something infecting me. So will it be HIV?
Also, I found that it will not be hot to touch when I sleep , eat( especially drinking a hot soup) and take a shower. My skin will quickly cool down and it becomes cool to touch. Isn't it weird? I haven't felt like this before in my life so it is scaring me. However, I cant find an ars symptom like this.

2. After around 10 days post exposure, my lymph nodes under ear and behind are sometimes painful and tender to touch. My armpits lymph nodes are also painful and tender to touch but none of them were swollen, as checked by doctors. My armpits pain resolve within a week and ear pain as well. However, now( 10 weeks), my ear lymph nodes pain come again. It is more focused on left side. I wonder what went wrong with my lymph nodes. There should be something infecting me.

What happened to me? I actually do not dare to get tested again. I always think my status is going to change due to terrible symptoms.
The 1st symptom is the most terrible.
Could you advice me? Do you think I really need to retest?
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There is no risk for the incident you describe
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Hey can you assess my risk please. The presence of blood doesn't increase the risk ?
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Thank you for you reply. But there was present of blood . There will be a risk right?
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Oral sex is not considered as a risk of HIV transmission.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
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