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Tested positve and again negative at 14 weeks

Hello All,

I've had a unprotected vaginal sex with someone later came to know who may be HIV+. i had all the symptoms from exactly 3rd week like fever, sore throat, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, chest inflammation, enlarged spleen.
Did a SD Bioline rapid duo test at 4 weeks which showed 2 lines which means positive and later did the same SD Bioline rapid duo test at 8, 10, 12 weeks negative. Core rapid antibody test with negative at 14 week.
still feeling sick, chest and throat inflammation still exists even after 3 months and do i need any further test?
Antigen positive but not enough antibodies at 14 week?
I am confused as which result is conclusive to accept 4 or 14?
Not a good situation to be, please help me
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Its possible you had a false positive on the rapid.  Your latter tests are negative which are conclusive at 12 weeks+14 weeks.  If you were true seropositive, all of your tests would indicate it.  Accept your 14 week result.  Testing overrules symptomsand exposure no matter how significant to hiv they are.
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please any insights for my issue. may be a test at 6 months?
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My worry is about antigen +ve by 4 weeks and no detectable antibodies by 12 weeks? is that possible?
any occurrence before like mine?
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I might add if you had a Positive result at 4 weeks just like Ftworthstress said it's most likely a False Positive result which does happen from time to time. The only way you can rule that is by getting a HIV test at 3 month Period which would be 100% Conclusive. I would direct you to www.aids.gov though for more information on HIV.  ARS Symptoms which are the symptoms you told about typically begin at 2-4 weeks 90% infected with HIV get them while 10% get no symptoms at all that's why testing is so important. If you continue to test Negative at the 3 month mark I would suggest talking about PrEP with your doctor. Here is more Information on PrEP. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/prep.html
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Thanks Ne1989,

Yes i did a test after 3 months(14 weeks) and its negative. may be additional testing needed?
but why PrEP?
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PrEP is something new to Prevent HIV infection from occurring in the first place and can only be given to HIV Neg Indivuals who are at a Higher Risk for HIV infection. It does not replace a Condom but when used with a condom its a extra layer of protection. It's not a Vaccine but a Pill that must be taken everyday.  No Additional testing is needed since you tested HIV Neg at 3 months.  
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So i dont need to worry about my 4 week positive?

Thank u very much
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I wouldn't think so since your HIV test came back Negative at 3 Months. You can breathe a sigh of relieve but if your still nervous and not sure go to your Doctor and ask him.
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Thank you very much Ne1989
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