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Testing with RNA PRC?

Hi i would like to know if the way i tested for a recent exposure.

I had a PCR DNA and a Duo Test done at 10 days from the exposure. Both Negative

I repeated the test but this time at 16 days i tested for PCR RNA and the Duo Test. Both Negative

Does this testing result in a Conclusive Negative?
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Thank you for answering.

So to be to be absolutely sure, at 16 days post exposure a PCR RNA with a Duo Test is Conclusive?
Oral, anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
No Condom
Oral, anal or vaginal?
We did it all i am afraid to say!

Reading through a few reports from the Doctors and the consensus seems to be after 2 weeks (14 days) a PCR RNA test would be enough.

Just playing on my mind this 4 weeks with a Duo is said to be Conclusive.

This was posted back in 2010, surely in the last eight years we have moved a lot further with regards to testing and and shortening the time from possible exposure to concluding ones hiv status?
The 4th generation duo test is conclusive 28 days after exposure and beyond.
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You results are not conclusive at this early stage.  As chima says, test at 28 days for the DUO test and it will be accurate.  The PCR RNA test is a good indicator at 2 to 3 weeks post exposure. But you can test with the DUO at 28 days if you want a conclusive answer.  
thank you for your response
I couldn't wait the full 28 days because of not being able to do so at that time, so i tested at 25 days post exposure. I know 28 days here seems to be conclusive here but on the actual page i received from the testing laboratory which said Non Reactive but also stated that if i had any exposure  with in three weeks the test would not be reliable.

Basically stating that 3 weeks is sufficient time for a Hiv Duo 4th generation test to be conclusive.

So sure i will go at 6 weeks to be absolutely sure but i will take it that 3 weeks is enough time since exposure for the type of test i took (Hiv Duo 4th generation)

Reading up on a few Websites the window period for the 4th generation ends around 20 days now or that the p24 will be very high if the virus had entered the body at 20 days.

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