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Hey Guys, I feel i know your answers but asking just for reassurance. I tested negative at 8 weeks via oral swab from a exposure of unprotected oral and brief ( literally a few seconds) vaginal on a female. Since than i have had 4 other encounters, all using a condom. I know condom use is considered safe but still worry. I have been sick with a cold for weeks accompanied by headaches. Ty
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In adults, HIV is transmitted by:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

You are not at risk for HIV when you use a condom and it does not break - and you would know if a condom broke.  There's no such thing as "microscopic holes" that lead to HIV transmission.  Whatever symptoms you are experiencing have nothing to do with HIV.
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Es82 your inbox to me about new symptoms shows you are not reading our advice and instead are trying to make your own new
"science". Rephrasing your original questions to make new science serves no useful purpose so I am finished with this thread.
You need to see a therapist if you aren't able to accept the advice given here.
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Everyone gets 3 colds per year and the OTC section of any pharmacy has many headache pills. I am doubting this is your first cold or headache so time to get back to your happy life instead of making the mistake of pretending there is only one disease in the world.
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I appreciate any advice but can do without sarcasm. Ive never had headaches that lasted for days or a cold/bodyache that comes and goes. And im admitting that i dont have a steady partner. Thank you for your response, though.
There was no sarcasm in my answer, so kindly reread it for the message, namely that you are ignoring the known science (which you said you had been told before so I left that part out of my answer) that you can't have HIV and making up your own science based on your cold and headaches.  Fear does that to people, as it is natural to want to escape danger.

Or just accept what Curfew wrote below.

The fact the cold/bodyache comes and goes makes me guess that it is just mental as it is natural to perspire when you fear you are dying, then get cold from the perspiration evaporation.
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