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Tets result after 8 weeks. Is this reliable?

I had a very low hiv exposure. However Since I was very tensed I had decided to go for a test. The counseller suggested some Rapid Membrane Based Immunoassay test, also called as hiv1 and hiv2 screening test.  I have done this post 8 weeks after the exposure.  Gods grace, result was negative .My question
1. Is eight week enough or should I again test after 4 more weeks (ie 3 months after the exposure)
2. I had never head of this test. Is this a good one or should I try some other test. Usually heard is ELISA.  Dont know which test is this
3. R there any chance of human error in this test.  I know this sounds foolishh.
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what was ur exposure ?
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thx Teak ....
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considering " your risk" which really their was none and a week week negative result ... you all clear and good to go :) enjoy your life further and always remember to always use condoms , one more thing , stay away from csw`s you can`t handle the "risk" don`t worry neither can i :)
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