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The window period for Abbott Determine Combo (4th generation) Rapid Test ????

To whom it may concerned,
This is K from China. Thanks for coming!
According to the sales representatives, the window period for  Abbott Determine Combo( 4th Generation) Rapid Test is just 2 weeks because it is able to detect the P24 antigen, which will appear in our body after exposure in about 2 weeks.
I am skeptical about that because i think it is a bit too aggressive and assertive. A 2-weeks-negative result may not be conclusive.
So, could you please tell me the proper  window period of using Abbott Determine Combo( 4th Generation) Rapid Test? And is a 4-week-negative result of Abbott Determine Combo( 4th Generation) Rapid Test conclusive?

Thanks a lot! I appreciate your answer and time!
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thanks! he didn't wear a condom and he didn't really penetrated otherwise I could feel that.  and I took the Abbott Determine 4th Generation Rapid Test on the 28th day after the behavior. is it conclusivd ?@AnxiousNoMore
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Listen, you really did not have a risk. You'd know if he penetrated you and you don't think he did.  Just touching the outside of your anus is NOT a risk. You don't need to test for what you describe here.  HIV 4th generation tests are ONLY conclusive at 28 days or beyond (not 20) but you didn't get HIV from what you describe.
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a man wanted to have anal sex with me. As I felt the tip of his penis coming in,  I stopped him immediately and he didn't try to come in anymore. Then I gave him a hand job.
11 days after the behavior, I brought him a hiv 3rd generation rapid test strip, he tested negative. do you think my behavior was risky? thanks
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Did he use a condom? No one here can tell if you were penetrated but if you were then you had a risk. A 4 gen is conclusive after 4 weeks but the 3rd gen requires 12 weeks so the test only proved that he was not positive 12 weeks before the encounter.
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Before we answer any questions, please explain what you feel your risk was.  
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