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Time duration and pattern of pain

Hi, It had been 5 months from my potencial exposure (At hair cutting saloon) [Barber used the same old blade which was used on earlier customer on mine]. I had experience irrugular joint pain from 3rd week to 8th week. How ever, these pains are not continuous. They appear around 5-10 times during a day and each time last from few seconds to 1 minute only. Further, I had experience body rashes several times during this period which last 3 days.  I have learned from many sites that joint pain is one of the symptom of HIV. I learned that also you can not trust only these symptoms.
I was taken ELISA test after 3 months which comes negative. However, i don't trust these test because, I think in India these test are not able to detect all types of HIV viruses i.e. it can detect only M type virus.
So I want to check what are the chances that I have this virus in my body ?
One more question, As I mention the pattern of joint pain i.e. 5-10 times during a day for few seconds to 1 minute. Is it the right pattern of joint pain if one has acquired HIV ?
What is exact time duration in which one can experience these pains ?
If you were dignosis with HIV then is it true that every time you take ELISA test for HIV it will show positive results throughout life or it shows it for some specific time frame after exposure ?

I expect answers for any/all of my quetions.......
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But i havn't been posting excessively and it's a risk situion in my case (Atleast i think so) because I have experience all those orrible symptoms and that too in that perticular time frame.

Please feed me with some info. if you have.
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HIV is transmitted by,
Unprotected anal and vaginal ses
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child.

You don't do any of that in a barbershop. MOVE ON..
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Since, the barber used the old blade which might contains a blood on it and can mixed into my blood through a cut or something like that. So it might be same as sharing needles or some thing which can mix your blood with others. Isn't it?
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NO. Move on.
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