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Unprotected Oral Sex from a Sex worker

I am a male 32 , Had an unprotected oral sex with a woman I don't know the HIV status, I did ask her about her diseases, she said she is clean. But I had 4 to 5 encounters with this lady, all protected except the last one, where she accidentally did a oral sex on me. I pulled off and did not continue the oral sex with a seconds and finished.

I had cold and flu like symptoms after 3 weeks, no fever , but fetigue and cold.

I explained to doc the scenario and they can't assume me anything, and I could not explain the sex events as well. He did HIV test and came negative. He suggest come after SIX months for another test.

Also I have started unprotected sex with my wife after 4 weeks results. Now 3 weeks now she is having flu and fever and sore throat.

I am worried that HIV was not detected in my test and passed to my wife. I couldn't think of how stupid I am. But not sure what to do ?? Please help.
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You were at no risk of contracting HIV from oral sex. You could have had a chance of contracting other STDs from your oral sex activities but HIV is not an issue.
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Thanks a lot, Why I got flu like symptoms on 3 weeks, and My wife also started same symptoms exactly at 3 weeks.

HIV tests after 4 weeks assume little bit, but I couldn't stop worrying because I start un-protected with my wife.

Is it absolutely sure oral no risk, I don't have cuts or anything.

The sex worker was known to me for 4-5 months, I had been asking her , she says she is clean.

I am scared about the flu symptons that myself and my wife got.

Why are the heathcare pros, can't assume of this.

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I have read in other forums that the un-protected oral, people claiming they have contracted HIV, But They have some protected vaginal or anal sex.

My case was purely Oral sex, that too very brief oral. I don't know her HIV status, She said she is clean .

My 4 weeks HIV test also negative. Do I have to go for one more HIV test.

More worrysome is I got flu sysmptoms right after 3 weeks and My wife had same flu sysmptooms after 3 weeks after I started unprotected with her.

I am really scared too much, Couldn't concentrate on things in life, Please give me some assurance.
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