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Unprotected Oral with sexworker

Sorry guys im a little bit confused now,with an unprotected oral sex is not a risk for HIV.
So why all doctors and official websites says it is a risk if i receive or perform an unprotected oral sex???!!!says you should get tested,then here everyone says oral is not a risk, dont need to get tested!
So what is the real information about it?
I received an unprotectd oral from a sexworker,she did abrade my foreskin with her teeth,im really scare and worried i cought a hiv infection because of this exposure....please give me an advice .....get test or not to worry and move on this.
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You either believe the facts that we give or listen to others. We can't tell you what to believe but I can tell you that you can't find a proven case of HIv from oral.
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I didn't tell i dont belive in you guys,just confused because when i googled it all the official websites and doctors say unprotected oral is a risk to get HIV,especially if your partner hurt you with teeth!!! Thats why im in doubt!!!! I dont know what to do!!!!very scared!!!!
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Many sites are very conservative and will warn of theoretical risks - that is, risks that could, in theory, lead to HIV, but have not ever actually been proven to have led to HIV infection.

If you are overly concerned, the simple solution is to wear a condom for oral sex.  However, I would give as much concern to this "risk" as I would to being trampled in a freak buffalo stampede.
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