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Unprotected intercourse with transexual on hormones

I had unprotected intercourse with a transexual - top and bottom. It was not our first time but it was the most recent  She was on hormones and did not / could not ejaculate. She said she doesn't even have precum. I freaked out afterwards and got a rapid test at 19 days from our last meeting. It had been more than 3 months before our previous meeting. My test was negative.  My whole house is sick and its day 27 and I have a minor sore throat. No fever or any other identifiable symptom. Of course I am freaking out. I called the transexual and she had a test 2 weeks ago that was negativ but now she is worried. If there isn't any ejaculation is transmission still possible.
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I agree.  Go ahead and take a duo test now. It would be accurate.  Don't monitor your symptoms though like sore throat. HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms as Tom, Dick and Harry gets sore throats and the like at random and it has nothing to do with sex or HIV. A one time exposure is less than 2%.  Use a condom always in the future.  
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Your test was too early so it was a waste of time.
Any test is conclusive after 3 months, so you can take any test now for a conclusive result.
Symptoms can't prove anything so don't worry because you are sick. The only thing you ever need to do when in doubt is take the test instead of studying symptoms.
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19 days is probably a bit too short. I think you need a bit more time. If the other individual took a test and you were their only encounter in say the last 6 months then it might help some. I would retest at 45 days and possibly 90 days
Sorry I just noticed it has only been 4 weeks since your last encounter, so you can only take a 4th generation test now, or wait longer for a different test. The first encounter 3 months ago is irrelevant as far as your testing plan should be now.
I would test with a 4gen now since you are stressed and I also assume from your explanation that you are having sex with someone else in your home which should stop unless it is protected. If you can't do a 4th gen now then it's best to get the other person's test results as Hockey said - if you can trust the person didn't have any other unprotected anal in the window period of their own test.
There is no need to test twice if you get a negative result.
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