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Unprotected oral sex (giver not the receiver)

Hello, Doctors and Moderators!    I'm a gay male who exclusively practice unprotected oral sex. This month in particular I performed oral on twenty different men with five of them confirmed HIV positive. Most of these guys are street workers on drugs. So, who knows what other std's they might have to increase my chances of acquiring HIV. My dental health is not that great and I have bleeding gums. Based on this information that I have provided to you. Does this put me at risk for contracting HIV?
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No risk with oral so it doesn't matter how many std or bleeding factors you had or might have, it is still zero risk. Only unprotected anal or vaginal is a risk so you can move on from hiv.
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Well, you're busy!  So almost every day of the month, you hook up and give a stranger oral sex? Is it a compulsion of some sort? That may be something to discuss with a mental health worker.  But with regards to HIV, this is not going to transmit HIV to you.  HIV is really a fragile virus and transfers in specific ways. People that get HIV get it from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  
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For the most part of my sex life, yes. I'm always busy. However, I became extremely paranoid when I read that you can get infected in the manner of oralsex. But, thanks for the clarification!
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Your question has been fully answered.

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Where is CurfewX? I'm surprised she didn't respond.  Everyone knows oral sex is my only practice, but I have so much hiv paranoia surrounding it. Sometimes I think someone with a high viral load is going to get me one day. Geesh . They call me the throat goat !
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A few days ago I suck a guy off and he ejaculated in my mouth. He's hiv positive and  not on medication.  What's even more crazy, I came down feeling extremely unwell. My body felt cold was it was extremely hot , frequent diarrhea,  and a headache after this event. What would any person expect they may have after being with someone positive and experience these things. I hope the advice giving here about oral sex is definitely true. This time I don't think I am so lucky . I hate it now that I enjoy just oralsex.
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Dude, if we said CLEARLY that HIV was not transmitted by oral sex in your previous post, why do you  ask again? WE already answered this for you and the answer hasn't changed. Don't start the anxiety ruminations again. Get help for the mental health piece of things as THAT is the problem.

You might have flu, stomach cancer, brain cancer etc. but you decided it is a disease that you can't actually have. Your idea makes zero sense.
You should see a therapist about your hiv fixation, and tendency to self diagnose a disease that you can't have.
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